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Codelogic Consultancy Services is a leading provider of consulting services related to the design, implementation, adoption and support of On-Demand Software & IT Solutions for small scale companies to corporate organizations. The Major Services provided by Smart Consultancy includes Web Development, Offline Application Development, Online Application Development SMS Routing, Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Customer Care, Technical Support, Online Chat Support, Admin on Demand, Data Migration, Data Management, Data Entry, Mobile Application Development, Telemarketing, Email Marketing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Legal Process Outsourcing, Outbound Projects, Training, Custom Application, Customer Relationship Management, Social Training, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, staffing, etc.

With industry specific solutions and experience gained Smart Consultancy is dedicated to helping customers extract more value from their applications enabling them to quickly improve productivity and see a faster return on their investment. If you are involved in planning or managing a logistics operation, our software solutions can help you improve your performance. Our products range from software applications for a single place to multi site optimization and management systems.

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